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Our Services.

Training and Development Programs

A 3-year programme geared towards all employees in the organization. The plan has a maximum of 11 programmes and a minimum of 6 programmes that are implemented over a three year time span. Each programme is implemented 4-6 months apart. Leading Empowered Teams (LET) is for all managers and supervisors and all other programmes are for all employees in the organization
Duration – 3 years/36 Months.


This programme is designed to get management emotionally committed to quality service through the 4 cornerstones of service – quality service standards, coaching, feedback, empowerment and teamwork.
Duration – 4 Hal- Day Sessions Spaced One Week Apart or 2 Full Day Sessions.


The programme is designed to launch the quality service concepts, create/build commitment throughout the organization. Workshop topics include self-esteem, communication, listening, keeping promises and handling difficult situations.
Duration – 3 Half Day Sessions Spaced One-Week Apart or 1 Full Day and a Half Day ***Please note FEELINGS is industry based – Financial (FEELINGS for Professionals), Health Care and Hospitals (Spirit of Excellence), Tertiary Education (Connections) – content is the same, however, vignettes on DVD are applicable to the industry


This programme is geared towards all employees and will define the different ways that empowerment can benefit the customer, organization, and employees. We will also cover how to create a culture of empowerment, explain why empowerment has been so difficult to achieve and demonstrate what empowerment should look like.
Duration – 2 Half-Day sessions spaced one week apart or 1 Full day session


SPEED gives your employees the SPEED mind-set and empowerment to produce quick, quality and unexpected turnaround every time. We will define the internal and external barriers for SPEED, show the relationship between empowerment and effective use of SPEED, and show employees that waiting until the last minute does not leave time to overcome problems.
Duration – Two Half-Day Sessions spaced one week apart.


Career advancement workshop that helps employees understand their self-imposed limitations, believe in themselves in order to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.
Duration – Two Half-Day Sessions spaced one week apart.


Is a programme designed for all team members to remember names and special characteristics and traits about customers and use them continuously in all interactions face-to-face, over the telephone and via email and/or social media. Keep in mind that a person’s name is his or her most cherished asset that no one can take away from him or her.
Duration – Two Half-Day Sessions spaced one week apart.


How to take a customer from hell to heaven in 60 seconds or less, service recovery techniques – act quickly, take responsibility, be empowered and compensate the aggrieved customer.
Duration – One Full Day Session


This programme is designed for all employees in the organization to focus on areas that will generate exceptional customer service.
Duration – One Full Day Session


A 30-Day idea campaign designed to eliminate waste and costs. The campaigns are uncomplicated, involve the entire team, easy to implement and arouse interest because they use recognition and are designed to be fun.
Duration – 30 Days.


A 30-Day Campaign that puts focus on quality and customer satisfaction. It’s an exciting campaign that gets widespread employee participation built on the premise that people closest to customers and the challenges faced daily will have worthwhile ideas.
Duration – 30 Days.


12 DVDs that cover different customer service topics that highlight and reinforce concepts of customer service – the topics of the DVD Library include:- Your Key to Customer Satisfaction, Teamwork Development, Handling Complaints & the Irate Customer, The Language of Positive Communication, Effective Questioning & Listening, Exceeding Customer Expectations, Value-Added Service, Effective Telephone Techniques, The Art of Satisfying Customers, Service Recovery, Empowerment and Total Quality Service