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Our Training Methods

The QSI way
Our Training Methods

We use a participatory approach in which people experiment and learn in order to change attitudes and behaviours.
We also use an interactive approach, which is entertaining, to build teamwork and improve internal communications amongst staff.
QSI also improves employee morale and teamwork through personal growth development strategies.

Special Experience

This team employs technology as an aid in delivering the training they offer their clients. Their approach illustrates every day experiences, by encouraging the participants to take ownership of the workshop. The team is experienced in getting participants to take active part in role-playing to enact both good and bad customer service and the whole group then reviews the role-play.

They have found this to be a very important tool in their workshops. The music and humour in the DVDs add to the emotional impact. Participant workbooks and materials are user friendly and attractively packaged, all designed to work together with participants in the process.